Binario sofa designed by PINUCCIO BORGONOVO, 2019

A modular system with light clean lines. Dynamic and versatile, it offers a number of solutions that can be arranged and rearranged to suit changing requirements. Binario takes its name from the elegant parallel ‘tracks’ of stitching along the armrests and in the large comfortable back cushions. The seats of Binario sit high off the ground; they have clean, light lines to creating living rooms that are welcoming and instantly comfortable. The characteristic double foot in matte burnished metal is an elegant, distinctive feature. This modular system is also available as linear two- and three-seater sofas: Binario has been designed to beautifully furnish domestic, public and professional environments. Just a handful of simple elements: seats and poufs are interchangeable, allowing the living room to be easily rearranged when required.