Doze sofa designed by RODOLFO DORDONI, 2014

Deep, comfortable modular sofas, designed for informal, highly relaxed hospitality. Even its name – Doze – suggests total comfort and absolute relaxation, with Flou’s unmistakable quality and style. Doze attracts attention thanks to its extremely clean lines; it can be embellished with large cushions in a variety of sizes and an extensive range of colors and patterns. Thanks to its height and the quilted upholstery, Doze makes an explicit reference to the most comfortable mattresses. The large rectangular and square elements can be combined to create linear, corner or chaise longue arrangements, and all guarantee an incredible level of comfort. The “Flat” version of Doze has slim armrests and backrests. This option has a much lighter appearance and provides the perfect solution for every room and ambience.