Softbench designed by MASSIMO CASTAGNA, 2018

So much more than simple seating units: this system has movable backrests that can create dynamic, informal ambiences or modern, innovative hospitality projects. A ‘destructured’ modular system that transports a new idea of comfort and hospitality into the living room and throughout the home. The units of Softbench are large comfortable islands with the quilted cover available in two versions – wide or narrow. The covers accentuate the softness of the ensemble.
The mobile backrests are well-balanced and offer solid support for seating of different depths, all with equal comfort. Softbench is young and unconventional: an unlimited choice of covers in different colors and textures can be mixed and matched in the bases, armrests and backrests. Softbench can also be a large pouf that can be positioned in the center of the room, adjacent to more formal sofas or to add a special touch to walk-in wardrobes.