A series of circular poufs, characterised by eye-catching asymmetrical stitching. Available in three diametres (51, 81, 121 cm) with the option of covers in fabric or leather. The poufs can be accessorised with detachable trays with an anodic bronze, matt burnished, greige, black, white and oxide finish. The half-moon shape of the trays perfectly complements the radius of curvature of the pouf and makes them suitable to be used as stable surfaces to place objects.

A small versatile family of padded poufs with removable covers, available in diameters and heights compatible with each function. The perfection of the circle in the pouf Moon is enhanced by the unusual asymmetry of the exposed stitching of the seat. This can be used as a stool, a coffee table or a nightstand; or more simply to give a splash of color to personalize the ambience. A cleverly-designed metal tray transforms Moon into a steady and versatile table.