Duetto Transformable bed designed by CENTRO RICERCHE FLOU, 1992

Extraordinarily versatile: sofa, dormeuse, single or twin beds occupying the space of just one bed. Much more than a sofa/bed. A wonderful single bed ‘ready for sleep’ hides beneath the covers; a second bed can be pulled-out when needed for guests. The dormeuse version of Duetto is simple and elegant; the backrest is softened by the characteristic cushions shaped like pieces of wrapped candy. The second bed can be pulled out and up very easily, thanks to the wheels and a practical piston system. The two beds can be joined firmly together to create a comfortable double-size bed. If more space is required to store bed-linens, sheets and duvets, two large drawers can be hidden underneath the first bed. A backrest can be added to Duetto to create an extremely comfortable sofa to elegantly furnish living rooms and open spaces. The perfect upholstery for every ambience: neutral, deliberately shabby-chic fabric oozes sensations of freshness and brightness.