MDF Italia

About the brand

MDF Italia is a Milan-based design company manufacturing furniture, which was fully acquired in 2013 by the holding group of the Cassina family, a long-standing leader in Italian design. MDF Italia’s success is rooted in its ability to represent contemporary culture, sense and anticipate trends and respond to changes in taste as well as the modern requirements of home living. MDF Italia was set up with a dynamic entrepreneurial and product strategy in mind and it has always focused on design and simplicity as core values in selecting projects and designers. Moved by a corporate philosophy based on concepts such as research of formal simplicity by removing the superfluous and the overcoming established patterns. MDF Italia designs furniture that integrates creativity, innovation and technology, and aims at creating emotional products, that are silently surprising. Each product of the MDF Italia collection is the result of a continuous research and cooperation with designers to deliver high quality manufacturing that comprises every aspect of the production, from the selection of materials used to the technical solutions.

Location Italy
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