Dress Bold

Dress bold is a system that creates highly personalized walk-in closets with the option of customized compositions for linear, corner and C-shaped solutions.
Two aesthetic possibilities: with visible uprights or with back panels available in glossy or mat glass, fabric, wood, mirror and provided with optional upper led lighting. The accessories, which can be freely placed along the wall upright by means of a patented expansion fixing system that requires no holes, include: shelves and floor bases, cloth hangers, cloth lift, drawer units, trouser racks and pull out trays.

Dress bold system is characterized by one-running melamine shelves with honey comb wooden structure 40 mm thick and floor-bases with continuos aluminium frame.

The accessories can be freely positioned on the wall upright, thanks to the patented expansion fixing system, without holes.

Two aesthetical possibilities are available: with visible uprights or with wall back panels, available in lacquered glass, wood, fabric and synthetic leather.